Monday, 14 July 2008

Kickarse roast chicken

Love a good roast chicken. It is such comfort food for me and reminds me of my mum. Lots of roasted vegetables and your favourite gravy with corn. Perfect. Vegetables tonight were roasted carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato and the good ol spud (par boiled first and then bashed around a bit in the colander to roughen them up before adding to the oiled pan).

My roast chicken is thus:

1 free range chook.
Lemon quarted
Bunch of thyme
Loads of garlic
Some melted butter and good quality virgin olive oil.
Freshly ground salt.


Pat the inside of the chook dry. I never wash my takes away the natural juice from them.

Add the lemon, thyme and peeled garlic cloves (I use around three and cut them in half).

Call your child back who has been annoying you to help cook and get her to baste the chicken all over with the butter and oil that has been mixed together. Sprinkle with paprika and salt.

Put it in your oven that has been preheated (duh) to 180o degrees celcius. Cook for 20 minutes per 500g for a fan forced and 22 - 2 minutes for non fan forced.



Kris said...

I love a roast chook too. Especially with salad to soak up the guilt of all the gravy I eat with it. Do you have a place to get a good free range bird? We buy from the Black Forest butcher but I know nothing about the actual producer - gRoenwald, I think?

traceyleigh said...

We buy from the Black Forest butcher too... sometimes the Trevallyn Deli has them but weirdly our local Riverside Woollies sell the Growenwald ones too and that is what I tend to get!

I can only do salad and chook in the summer time. Winter is exclusively vegetables and lots of them. :-)