Friday, 3 April 2009

The best meatballs you'll ever eat.

I'm not going to retype the recipe as I follow this one as is except for the meat. I use chicken mince rather than veal and pork as we don't do either of those in this house.

I LOVE these meatballs. They are moist, tasty and tender. The sauce is nice too :-)

Taken from Exclusively - the best meatballs ever!


Dina said...

I didn't know you didn't eat pork.

Is there a reason?

Did you forget to tell me you're Jewish?

Or do you guys just not like it?

Is there something I don't know.

I'm so curious.

Now I have a taste for meatballs. We have some vegetarian ones. They're actually not too bad.

traceyleigh said...

We don't like pork basically :-)

I don't mind it roasted but really just don't like it.

Veal we don't do for ethical reasons.

Dina said...

I never liked pork much either...except for ribs. I love those.

I've been missing meat lately. But not too much, I guess.

How was the sleepover?

traceyleigh said...

It went well..I'm very tired today though as I normally sleep in on a Saturday and couldn't. I wasn't very sociable when her mum arrived this morning...oops.

Molly has gone well on her journey into vegetarianism but caved yesterday and had a small amount because she was craving meat. I think she must be low in iron.