Thursday, 2 April 2009

Berry Meringue Smash

I've decided that whilst I often adapt most recipes I come across and use, for the most part I just follow a recipe and therefore I feel a bit awkard about posting them as they are not original. Stuff it. I want to share with you recipes that I love and that I cook often. I'll source where I can and steal pictures too if I can. It's rare for me to take pics myself as they always turn out so awful (chilli fried rice as an example), so a lot of what I'm going to post won't have a picture attached. You just have to trust me, ok that it is GOOD! onto today's recipe. This is a recent one I have discovered. It is so insanely easy and so insanely delicious. Comes from Super Food Ideas and you'll find it on

Berry Meringue Smash

The Ingredients:
2 Cups fresh berries (or use frozen either is ok but fresh is best). Use a mix if you can.
150ml Thickened Cream
100g packet Pavlova nests
100g chocolate - the original recipe asks for white chocolate but I much prefer a good quality dark.

The How To:
This recipe is best put together just prior to serving. Otherwise you'll find the pavlova isn't crunchy anymore.
Beat the cream until soft peaks form.
Gently break the pav nests into chunks. Just use your hands but don't break them up too finely.. a bit of fine is fine but not too much ok?
Chop up your chocolate. I don't like mine too chunky so fine is good here :-)
Combine it all very gently with the cream.
Gently mash the berries in a bowl. There is a theme here isn't there...gently gently with it all.
Yep you guessed it, gently add the berries to the cream mixture and fold in. Too much mixing will cause the cream to turn pink, which is ok if this happens. Don't stress too much.

Serve into individual dessert bowls or a fancy martini/wide champagne glasses.


Dina said...

I'm so excited that you're posting more!

The recipe looks yummy!

We never ate any Pavlova! I kept looking for it, but never saw any. Is it more something Australians cook at home?

traceyleigh said...

It really is yummy. Yes, pav is probably something people just have at home - at bbqs mainly. I've never made one i don't think. The Cheesecake Shop sells them and you can buy the shells at the supermarket and do the filling yourself easily enough. We shall have pav when you are here next


Anonymous said...

Those look to die for.
My mouth is watering right now.
I've never seen them at the Cheesecake shop though >.<

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the great superfood recipe. I am going to try making it today. Do you have any recipe that adds acai berry juice?

traceyleigh said...

Hi Materix,

I was referring to pavlovas being available at the Cheesecake shop.

This recipe is truly easy and absolutely delightful! Hope you try it out.

Anonymous said...

Me and my sis will try making it tomorrow ^^
Staff meeting tomorrow so no school and sis is on holidays so I'd probably pop down to Woolworths and grab the ingredients.
WIsh me luck ^^