Sunday, 18 November 2007

Indian feast

My sister is arriving this week and I am planning on cooking up Indian food to celebrate our togetherness once again. We both have a love of Indian and whilst there is a good Indian restaurant now opened here in my town, I thought it would be nice to create dishes with love.

Menu so far...

Lamb Pasanda (going to do this one
Vegetable Biryani (again from mamta
A bread of some sort. Not sure what though. I'm not good with bread so any suggestions more than welcome .
Chicken Korma (for the big kidlets)
Dahl..ok there are so many variations out there, I've tried a few and have some ok results, but I want a kick arse dahl recipe if anyone has one and is willing to share????
Plain rice (Basmati)

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Dan said...

I just tagged you for a meme m'daer. Figured you needed a blogging wake up call ; p

'Cos more food based blogs = better :D