Thursday, 11 September 2008

Note to self:

When deciding to go on a cleaning rampage in the kitchen and then deciding to put your spices in your new fandangle twirly whirly spice rack, don't blow on the top of the container until after you've put the lid back on. Otherwise you shall inhale a rather sickening amount of ground fennel into your eyes, nose and mouth. I'm hoping it has secret properties that I don't know about yet and will make me gorgeous, young and rich within the hour.


Dina said...

Oh no!!!!

I hope you're okay.

When I was a child, I enhaled soap powder. That was painful.

Michelle said...

Dear Tracey

Please post a new blog entry.

love me :-)

traceyleigh said...

Dear Michelle,

Since you asked so nicely, I shall do that this evening. We are having chilli tuna fried rice which might be a good one to post.

love me :-)