Friday, 25 April 2008

Meal plan for the week:

Chicken and vegetable soup ( this easy peasy thick and rich soup)
Tandoori Chicken, rice and dhal
Lamb shanks with creamy risoni
Chorizo and Chickpea stew. Although I hesitate to call it a stew. It is very delicious though :-)
Chilli tuna fried rice

I've never cooked the last one before. It's a recipe that looks quite delicious and I always like to try new recipes as much as I can. Tara won't eat it though. Actually the only thing she will eat out of all of that is the rice from the indian and the lamb shanks with creamy risoni. {sigh} As someone who loves food and loves to keep her family happy with the food she cooks for them, I am soooo frustrated by this child. :-(


brazen's crafts said...

hey trace, is the chorizo and chickpea one mine? that is yummy!

mmmm tandoori chicken, rice and daal sounds like it might have to end up on my plan too ;)

traceyleigh said...

I didn't know you had one! Point me to your recipe please :-)

I use this one...

It's really nice.