Sunday, 6 April 2008

Meal plan for the week

I do love to meal plan but often it goes haywire and I get frustrated that I haven't been able to stick with it for one reason or another (usually tiredness on my part). Shall start to record them here though as inspired by others out there in the food blogging world.

Baked Meatballs with tomatoes and roast chilli potatoes - ala Bill Granger
Homemade parmesean crusted fish and chips
Chicken and sweetcorn soup
Mustard Chicken bake ...a recipe that I'm not overly keen on but the rest of the family loves.
Prawn curry.

Right then, off to the supermarket I shall go.


Dani said...

oh yum, prawn curry. What type? Red, green, malay, so many options, they all make me drool...

I really need to stop thinking about food

traceyleigh said...

red because that is what paste I have in the fridge. Actually, I seem to always have red prawn curry..or a good indian prawn curry.

I love prawns in all manner of ways. I love their simplicity :-)

I still haven't had that dish yet because I haven't been able to get out to the fish monger here. Shall do that for Sunday night's dinner I think. We're going Mexican tomorrow night and I'm going to try the roasted vegtable quessadilas (ala your recipe)along with Tara's favourite of beef tacos.