Saturday, 14 July 2007

One of life's greatest joys for me is to go window shopping in homewares shop on my own with no children to watch over and stress whether they are about to break something, no husbands who have no interest in said homewares shop and will 'pretend' to be ok about being there but in reality are bored and dying to get the hell out of there. Both child and husband together and well, I just don't even bother going through the door.

Today after dropping off eldest daughter at work (Maccas chickie) I took the opportunity to meander through town on my own, browsing for bargains, looking out for any possibility of summerwear for our up and coming trip to Thailand and spending a good half an hour or so just pottering in my favourite homeware shop Your Habitat. I don't think it exists anywhere outside of Tasmania. As a side note, I love that Tassie still retains classic old fashioned shopping experiences. Little boutiques, family owned business in quaint little streets and shopping precints. Anyhoo back to dreaming about owning the entire contents of the homeware shop.... I always sell myself short on cooking utensils and quality cookware. I have one extremely good deep frypan, one brilliant knife, great roasting pan and the rest is quite mediocre in quality. It gets me by and I don't really notice at the time of using it. But those shops. They tempt me. They make me dream of having my kitchen filled with every conceivable quality item where my meals would then turn out perfect every time.... just let me dream ok????
I do really want:
A large crueset casserole lidded dish
An extra large soup/pasta/steamer combo
smaller quality frying pan
KitchenMaid mixer
quality ridged grill pan
quality omelette pan or crepe one
a whiz bang-youbeaut-spice rack (preferrably one of those little dish type ones that have magnetic bases to them)
A complete pantry storage system

That is about it. Of course there are things like Tangines, fancy cake decorating thingy-mabobs, a brilliant wok etc that would be nice too. I settle for the others though. Now to convince my husband that these are needs and not just wants.

I had some lovely me time today. Was very rejuvinating.

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