Monday, 30 July 2007

I set myself a challenge this week. Well aside from trying to stick to a meal plan. This week I am going to cook all my meals from an online source and they have to be 'healthy' meals. Adaptions allowed (as I don't think I could not adapt it in some way these days. I used to follow a recipe strictly, and now I prefer to use it as a base upon which I build on). And they need to be reasonably quick meals too.


Monday: Chicken Sang Choy Bow

Tuesday: Parmesan Crumbed Baked Fish

Wednesday: Frittata with potato and asparagus

Thursday: Chargrilled steak with chilli corn salsa

Friday: Basic Tuna Pasta dish

Saturday: takeaway - Indian I think.

Sunday: Balsamic lamb stirfry


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey Just wanted to say I am loving your blog (despite being on serious diet ;-). I really think I am going to seriously do *something* about getting something like this happening as despite the new change of name etc I just cannot seem to get enthused about writing in *that other place* any more-thought like to check in and read everyone else. Might follow your lead and do an occasional update post.


traceyleigh said...

Hey, perhaps you could do a food diet related post to start with? I'm dieting now too...not super strictly, just healthy eating...hence the meal plan and the recipes I have chosen. Tonight's meal was divine and I'm sure would be considered low carb.

I can't get enthused either. I wonder whether it has finally run it's course with me too? Which is sad to admit as I have had that journal for so many many years now. I just can't quite let go. I love the blogger world though. I have found some fantastic blogs/people out there!!