Thursday, 9 August 2007

Cloud Fluff

Life has been fairly bland and boring food wise this week. Just too busy to deal with the complexities that can come with making anything glorious. I did make some lovely bangers and mash with gravy though the other night. Peppered beef sausages and perfect mash.

What is the perfect mash for me? I'm glad you asked. It needs to be smooth and completely free from lumps but still hold a solid consistency and not be too thinned down with milk. I've never been able to achieve this with just the standard masher. I went and visited my mum in Adelaide at the start of the year (who by the way has always made perfect mash potato with a normal masher) and we took a trip to Ikea (something that Tassie sadly lacks). There it was. Glimmering. Shiny. New. Beckoning me. This will make you the perfect mash Tracey. Gleefully I bought it and packed it in my suitcase to take home. It's one of those ones where you put the cooked potato into a cylinder and push the handle down forcing the potato through the holes. It's brilliant. Just perfect. Some heated milk, good dollop of butter (none of that margarine stuff thankyou very much, ewww) and cracked pepper and salt to season. Sometimes cream is nice too. And chives if I have it.

If you asked my husband what the perfect mash was he would say lumpy with lots of butter and pepper. My youngest daughter would tell you she doesn't like cloud fluff from Mt. Fuji and prefers her potato raw. My eldest will complain regardless and usually ends up loving it. My step son will only eat boiled potato.

Of course I'm the one that cooks in our house so I hold the mashing power!!!! mwaaahaaaahhhhhaaaa


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted that. I saw one of those Ikea mashers and thought they'd probbly not work. Now I will have to go for a trip to get one.

Lately I have taken to cheating and chucking potato, a bit of milk, pepper and butter into the mixmaster. Everybody loves it that way, even though it's not technically 'mash.'

Anonymous said...
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kazari_lu said...

isn't it funny how people have such firm opinions on things like mashed potato?
I can't decide what earrings to wear in the morning, but I always like my mash firm, a bit lumpy, and lots of butter. And buttermilk instead of butter when I can.

traceyleigh said...

Yes, I'm generally indecisive in nature too but not when it comes to food. Thanks for dropping by. I just love love love reading your blog. You always inspire me to do better in the kitchen :)

Penni said...

I love mine lumpy with lots of (salty) butter too, and with basil and pepper. The girls like theirs like you do, must go to IKEA. Because it's such a hardship. ;) HAven't been for ages actually.

dani_luigi said...

Trace, I have one of those things. I didn't know they sold them at IKEA :P We got ours from Luigi's dad ages ago and I started using it about 6 months ago, it's brilliant isn''t it. I just thought it was something the italians use.

I love my mash with no lumps, a little bit of cream (no milk) just cream, a dollop of butter, salt, pepper and a little bit of cheese. Yummo!!