Thursday, 23 August 2007

I've been tagged

Well it would appear I've been tagged so considering I've been neglecting my blog this past few weeks, I shall oblige :-)

4 jobs I've had
Upmarket ladies shoe seller - sadly given the sack because I was too short but could never prove that this was the case...just heard it secondhand.
Graphic designer - off and on over the years
Editorial assistant at Juke magazine...anyone remember that weekly music mag??? It was tres cool.
Admin person for a very dodgy finance broker who dabbled (well heavily delved really) in illegal activities!!!
4 places I've lived
4 places I've holidayed
Far north Queensland
Extensively throughout South Australia
4 favourite foods
I agree...Only four?
Seafood...mussells, prawns, fish, squid..all of it really.
Chocolate...all of it really!
Potato..for it's versatility and ability to be a brilliant comfort food
Icecream - really good well made's glorious.

4 places I'd rather be
Somewhere warm and sunny.
In a really good strong jet spa nuturing my sore body after going to a full on Pump class last night.
On a plane ... destination unknown. I'd love to go on a mystery holiday!
In a glorious restaurant with my man and no children in a 20 kilometre radius!

4 bloggers to tag
ummmm....any other takers???

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