Sunday, 5 August 2007

Tonight I was making homemade hashbrowns to go with dinner and Molly asked me in passing
"Mum why do you go to so much bother?"
Fastforward to 20 minutes later.
"Mmmmmm these hashbrowns are delicious! Thanks mum"

Thats why Molly. Thats why.

I think for me cooking is not just about satisfying my own palette or desires but also those of the people that I love. In fact I would say that is the major reason why I love to cook successfully. I enjoy the experience so much more when I get the praise at the end. And not praise for praise sake itself, but praise for the fact that they are genuinely enjoyed what they have eaten and appreciate it. I wish I could become more consistent though.

The meal plan last week failed. Not because of the chosen recipes but more to do with the lifestyle we lead. The impromptu nature of our lives. The business and the tiredness that pervades me at 6.00pm. I think I will aim to at least have three meals planned each week and the other four will be "on the day" decisions. I did do three out of the six and the others have now been held over for this week. I'm also planning on doing one of our current faves of Portugese chicken for dinner tomorrow night to celebrate the arrival of our new dining table.

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Penni said...

I hear what you're saying about the meal plan - life doesn't work to a plan very well, does it? But when we don't plan (we had a couple of weeks of not doing a proper shop when we came back from Palm Cove) I HATE looking in the cupboard or worse wandering around the supermarket trying to work out what we're going to have for one meal.